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what is tellus?

Tellus Cooperative is a company founded in 2019 to create a system of cooperation-based savings within a decentralized economic network. Tellus aims to bridge the gap between workers, small businesses, and accessible sustainable opportunities for economic growth.


Tellus’ mission is to create a system of economic cooperation between small businesses and workers, by implementing decentralization and rewarding end-users when working together and making sustainable choices.


We envision equal opportunities for all. Creating a system that reshapes the way markets sustain themselves. We strive to create new pathways for sustainable thinking, cooperative-driven investments, and support networks for workers.

why Stellar?

Stellar is an open-source blockchain-based distributor ledger that allows transactions between banks, payment systems, and everyday people. Stellar is fast, comparatively cheaper than other networks, and built with a globalized economy in mind. We envision equal opportunities for all. Creating a system that reshapes the way markets sustain themselves in a global escale. We strive to create new pathways for sustainable thinking, cooperative-driven investments, and support networks for workers.

Stellar was founded after Bitcoin but before Ethereum. Stellar helps with remittances all over the globe without needing a controlling entity to serve as an intermediary between asset types. Stellar’s PathPayment operation allows the exchange of one asset to another in just one transaction. So, a private account can send funds in US dollars, and a receiving account in Argentina can receive those funds in Argentinian Peso with no external swaps. The best part is that there is no need to go to the bank to use these assets. Stellar’s anchor providers make all this possible. Anchored assets are pegged 1:1 to local fiat and have built-in rails to enter and exit local banking systems. Stellar ability to create tokens within their network helps institutions adopt the blockchain with their internal logic and use anchors to enter or exit the crypto space.

Some of the benefits and advantages of Stellar over other blockchains are:

  • Anchor functionality for on/off banking rails
  • P2P transactions
  • Decentralized Exchanges (SDEX) from its core
  • Seamless interoperability between assets
  • Legally compliant
  • Fast and cheap transactions
  • Automatic Market Makers
  • Liquidity Protocols
  • Asset Clawback

  • what are anchors and why are they important?

    Cross-border payments are subject to different countries’ policies. These policies introduce many problems to achieve a globalized network of remittances. Anchors are a part of the Stellar network and hope to solve this problem by associating local financial institutions to the Stellar blockchain. Anchors are fintech companies or their financial institutions with the function of releasing tokens interoperable with other currencies. Banking institutions back anchored assets and fit compliance needs specific to each country. Anchors facilitate the incorporation of established financial actors in local economies and aid the transparent exchange of stable coins between countries with little extra effort or hidden fees.

    Anchor's functionalities:

  • Issue Fiat Tokens
  • Provide a Fiat On/Off Ramp

  • Turing Complete Signing Servers (TSS)

    Turing Complete Signing Servers (TSS) is a parallel network of servers aiming to deploy, sign, and store Stellar Smart Contracts (SSC). TSS servers are known as Turrets and facilitate the use of Smart Contracts in the Stellar blockchain. Users can upload SSC to any Turret to conduct an automatic transaction.

    Once a smart contract is created for the transaction, it is saved in TSS in exchange for a public key. The public key is then used to facilitate funds transfer in a separate account where the contract is stored.

    If you want to learn more, join our discord channel! We will be releasing our wiki soon with much more information

    our roadmap


    • Tellus Cooperative's first theoric bases are stablished
    • Tellus Core is formed


    • We commence the development of Vajom Delivery (A testing environment app mimicing a food delivery service)
    • Tellus Cooperative S.p.A is formed. Attaining legal status as a chilean institution.
    • Tellus Cooperative Internal Training on Stellar Blockchain
    • Meridian 2020 attendee


    • Definition of long and short term goals for the Cooperative
    • Commence to document institutional processes and assets in our Wiki
    • Tests running Horizon on handhelp computer processing units
    • Deep learning data analysis on Villarrica's Market
    • Market research
    • Team Expansion
    • Build intuitive saving model
    • Launch Tellus Cooperative Website
    • Regulatory compliance meetings
    • Partnerships with local Merchant Service Providers (MSP)
    • Integration with Banco Estado of Chile
    • Company's constitution ammended
    • First tests using Turing Complete Signing Servers (TSS)
    • Whitepaper release for community review
    • Trained deep learning model
    • Data collection from partners
    • API web-based demo


    • Vajom Delivery Web Release for Model Testing
    • Stellar Ecosystem Proposal (Anchor - Service - API)
    • Anchor provider partnerships
    • MSP marketing
    • Regional financial projection and forecast
    • Fundraising Campaign
    • Tellus Token SDEX listing
    • DeFi partnership and Polychain bridges
    • Rebranding campaign
    • Community airdrops and presale


      Coming Soon

    our team

    Alexander B. Koh
    CEO & founder

    New York City, USA

    Experienced Program Manager, UX/UI Designer, Blockchain Enthusiast, Sustainable Development, Aspiring Economist

    Nicolás Ortiz

    Santiago de Chile, Chile

    Robotic Process Automation Developer(Kofax-Uipath-Jarvee).Knowledge in software development and industrial civil engineering student.Extensive experience in insurance companies and operational processes.

    Pedro Irarrázabal

    Temuco, Chile

    Industrial Engineer with informatics and graphic design skills. Working on AI Chatbot deployment with IBM Watson Assistant at the iDEAUFRO institute.

    Macarena Duran

    Santiago de Chile, Chile

    Commercial Engineer, graduated in Internal Audit, experience in financial operations and continuous improvement of processes, Kalesi and mother of dragons

    Francisco Vasquez

    Santiago de Chile, Chile

    Civic Engineer in Mining, Master Degree on Finance. Extensive experience in project management and financial projections.

    Brian Koh
    VP of Sales and Business Outreach

    Temuco, Chile

    Civil Industrial Engineer with experience as supplier quality surveillance in mining projects. Experience entails coordination of client inspection request, uploading information in to client systems and monitoring inspection effort hours, forecasting and budget.

    be cooperative

    together we are stronger.

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